Breeder of High Class - Quality  
AKC Registered - OFA Certified
German Shepherd Dogs since 1992.

Located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains northwest of Missoula, Montana USA

About Von Sonnenberg Kennels German Shepherd Dogs

Von Sonnenberg translated means "from Sun Mountain" in the German language.

This is my Kennel Name,  "Von Sonnenberg", and this is the Surname of all puppies born in my kennels ever since the early 1990s.  This is customary and meaning the pup comes from Von Sonnenberg Kennels.  

I offer Buyers who purchase a puppy from Von Sonnenberg Kennels German Shepherd Dogs
the right of choosing a First Name which shall start with the Litter LETTER in which the pup was born,  I also offer Buyers the right to give their puppy a Middle Name of their choice.  First Names are Reserved in the order they are received,  Middle Names are entirely the Buyer's choice,  and the surname shall always be von Sonnenberg. 

This is important to me and my work,  and for the organizational and recognition as well as record-keeping purposes.
I also tattoo my pups with a "kennel code" which designates the pup's origin, ancestry and date of birth as well as the birth order in which the individual pup was born.  This is part of my extensive record-keeping system.

I have been involved with German Shepherd Dogs for over 44 years,  since 1974, having owned a beautiful male German Shepherd Dog named King.  The German Shepherd Dog is my breed of choice because of their supreme intelligence, beauty, trainability and loyalty.  

Von Sonnenberg Kennels was born in 1992 out of my dream to breed and train the highest quality
World Class German Shepherd Dogs.

Caji's Melillo Reyko was my foundation stud who still lives on today in my breeding program in his legacy of progeny.

My Reyko's sire was a West German import and Grandson of the great V Watz vom Kopenkamp, SchH3 and Great-Grandson of VA5 Lasso di Val Sole, SchH3.  Caji's Melillo Reyko's sire,  V3 Reyko vom Adlerpass, SchH3, was 13 years old when he produced his last litter which my boy, and namesake, Ca-Ji's Melillo Reyko, was born in.  

Reyko's dam was from the great V Klodo aus der Eremitenklause, SchH3, Kkl 1;  ROM, CH (US) Caralon's Hein von der Lockenheim, CD, ROM;  V 1967 Sieger (HOL) Gauss vom Stauderpark, SchH3, Kkl 1.

One look at Reyko's pedigree convinced me how fortunate I was to have this opportunity to purchase such fantastic World famous working and show stock with direct bloodlines to top World class 1960s and 1970s West German work and show dogs.  fortunately I contacted the breeder in my search for my foundation stud when the litter was only 2 weeks old, and I immediately placed a deposit reserving a breed/show quality male from that litter, naming him Ca-Ji's Melillo Reyko, thereby stamping him with my own name marking (pedigree wise) the beginning of my work in my breeding program and brought him home to Montana when he was 8 weeks old.

Because I bred him with several different females of different pedigree,  Reyko proved himself to be prepotent and the best Sire of stallion-type males even more magnificent than himself,  and beautiful females, highly intelligent males and females possessing outstanding beauty and type, substantial beautiful dogs with amazing intelligence,  loyalty and trainability, sound hips and elbows, powerful dogs with strength and mass, excellent overall musculature, excellent strong bone and joints, excellent conformation, coats, ears, pigmentation along with adaptability, loving dispositions and protective of their families and livestock, with natural herding instincts.  Perfect in every way.

I always had a waiting list for his pups,  and I always received the best testimonials from puppy buyers expressing their complete satisfaction and great joy having one or more of his pups.  During those years,  people came to recognize the outstanding quality of Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dogs.  Buyers told me many stories about how people would stop them and ask "is that a Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd?"  And they would proudly answer, "Yes!"  Many of my Buyers became "repeat buyers" some as many as 5 pups over the course of many years.  I am very grateful and thankful.

In my quest to find the perfect female to breed with Reyko, it took a couple years searching and several purchases of other females who ultimately did not meet my high standards (which I sold and thereby eliminated from my breeding program and goals), until finally I found my first ultra-supreme female, Sacajawea vom Haus Peck, whose call name was "ISIS", a Grand-daughter of the 1983 World Sieger VA1 Dingo vom Haus Gero, SchH3, Kkl 1; breeding "ISIS" with Reyko produced my first "Letter Designated" and tattooed (I tattoo all my pups myself) Litter, my Von Sonnenberg "A" Litter, giving me in their progeny a line-breeding 5 - 5 on V Watz vom Kopenkamp, SchH3 and 4 - 5 on VA5 Lasso di Val Sole, SchH3.

Ca-Ji's Melillo Reyko and Sacajawea vom Haus Peck produced in their first litter, the "A" Litter son, Alexander Reyko von Melillohaus, K9, SchH3, FH, CD, CDX, , Missoula County Sheriff's Department K9 Service;  Missoula Sheriff's Department's first K9 Service Dog in over 10 years (at that time when Alexander Reyko obtained his Sheriff's Badge just 3 days after his 3rd birthday in 1998).


In 1997  I experienced the great thrill and joy to obtain one of

V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich, SchH3 (V-BSP), FH sons:  his name is,

Quax von Schloss Taunusstein, SchH3, Kkl 1 in breeding contract,  and he produced my Von Sonnenberg "L" Litter 
out of which I kept my Breeder Select Male and Breeder Select Female from that litter and named them:
Lazer von Sonnenberg and Lexis von Sonnenberg.

Lazer von Sonnenberg is Sire of my Von Sonnenberg "Q" Litter and Von Sonnenberg "R" Litter.
Lexis von Sonnenberg is Dam of my Von Sonnenberg "T" Litter. 

I personally arranged the AKC registration of Quax von Schloss Taunusstein deeming him "dual Registered" with the AKC and
with the SV Germany,  also even tho he was already Certified in Germany "a" stamp on Hips and Elbows, had him OFA Certified at the age of 7 years.  He passed his OFA Certifications GOOD,  as I knew he would,  and produced the most excellent puppies anyone had ever seen at that time in this area.  Remember,  this was in 1997.  and this was in Montana.  With this new aquisition, Von Sonnenberg Kennels was truly set apart as a leader in the breeding of the most excellent and beautiful German Shepherd Dogs in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

You will find that many Top Breeders in the World still seek Quax's father Fero in their pedigree for breeding stock of the BEST working German Shepherd Dogs in the world.

I have been so fortunate in my life's work to have acquired such excellent foundation breeding stock from World Class West Germany and Czech Republic top Herding, Working and Show Titled German Shepherd Dogs with dynamic Pedigrees.  

This is the foundation upon which I began my great work.  Over the years,  I purchased many other great German Shepherd Dogs Males and Females of differant pedigree to add to my bloodlines and integrate into my breeding program while always keeping in mind their genetics compatibility, temperament, structure, and qualities according to the German Standard of Perfection.

Once available to me,  I began importing German Shepherd Dogs out of top World Working and Show lines out of Czech Republic,  the World famous Pohranicni straze bloodlines, West Germany,  and DDR East Germany pedigrees.  

I think once you take a look at my dogs' pedigrees,  you will covet a pup from my litters,  as I take great care in selection of my breeding stock.  My breeding stock Studs and Bitches are direct descendants from the best in the World.  

I am very particular about Temperament,  Pedigree,  Conformation,  with a special enphasis on Loyalty,  Trainability, Social Nature, Structure,  Appearance,  Strength,  Bone, Health,  Longevity, Beauty and Brains.  Take a look at my personally selected breeding stock and see their progeny to know how beautiful they are,  I am especially particular about a certain look,  in structure and appearance,  the head, eyes, ears,  total body from head to tail,  I have any eye for beauty and a strong well-built dog.  This is what I always strive for when selecting my breeding stock.

As I always say,  Temperament is the highest inheritable trait and I always consider first when choosing a breeding Male and Female,  as well as conformation, structure,  type,  is, to me, equally important.  

I have a vision of beauty,  the total German Shepherd Dog,  which possesses the most brilliant intelligent mind,  is highly intelligent,  incredibly beautiful,  is loyal and obedient and willing to learn.  A joy to be companion with,  lover of family and children,  guardian and protector of family, livestock and poultry,  protector of home and property.  The most excellent and the most amazing German Shepherd Dog who commands awe and admiration by all who know him and her with the greatest amount of respect and honor.


"fast-forward" ......

Alexis von Nordstern Hof is a Grand-daughter of VA7 (WDA) Irk von der Werther-Muhle, SchH3, Kkl 1;  Irk's line-breeding - 5 generations:

    • 5 - 5 .......... in V Anett vom Noricum, SchH3, Kkl 1

    • 4,5 - 4 ....... in 1993 World Sieger VA1 Jeck vom Noricum, SchH3, FH, Kkl 1 

  • 5,5 - 5 ....... in  VA6 Odin von Tannenmeise, SchH3, FH, Kkl 1

Alexis is now 7 years old (January 2017), she is OFA Certified on her Hips and Elbows (GOOD and NORMAL) and comes from dynamic World Sieger - West German Show and Working bloodlines.  View her page here in my website to learn more about her.

Alexis is a proven producer of large litters of gorgeous magnificent puppies, having produced:
10 babies (7 males - 3 females) in her Von Sonnenberg "W" Litter;  
9 babies (3 males - 6 females) in her Von Sonnenberg "X" Litter;
11 babies (5 males - 6 females) in her Von Sonnenberg "Y" Litter;
8 babies (4 males - 4 females) in her Von Sonnenberg "Aa" Litter;
9 babies (5 males - 4 females) in her Von Sonnenberg "Bb" Litter.

Alexis has been bred this year spring 2017 to my new imported stud from Czech Republic,  Credo Canum Victoria,  their litter of pups is due to be born 27 July 2017.

Alexis von Nordstern Hof Line-breeding - 5 generations:

  • 5 - 5 .......... in 1993 World Sieger VA1 Jeck vom Noricum, SchH3, FH, Kkl 1
  • 5 - 5 .......... in 1996 World Sieger VA1 Visum von Arminius, SchH3, FH, BHP1, Kkl 1
  • 5 - 5 .......... in VA5 Nero vom Hirschel, SchH3, Kkl 1

VA5 Nero vom Hirschel, SchH3, Kkl 1 is the son of
1992 World Sieger VA1 Zamb von der Wienerau, SchH3.

View Alexis von Nordstern Hof's Page here in my website titled "Our Females" for more information.
View Credo Canum Victoria's Page here in my website titled "Our Studs".


In 2010 I brought by purchase Drake vom Fleischerhein (a dynamic stud born in Bill Fleischer's Fleischerheim Kennels) into my breeding program.  Drake vom Fleischerhein is of World Class excellent breeding, and offers superb intelligence and supreme loyalty, beautiful temperament, conformation, structure, type, deep black and red pigmentation, perfect ears and feet, gorgeous coats, among many other excellent qualities.

Drake is out of all VA and V conformation titled dogs in the first 8 generations of his pedigree.
Drake von Fleischerhein has the following World Siegers in the first 5 generations of his outstanding pedigree:

1996 World Sieger VA1 Visum von Arminius, SchH3, FH, BHP1, Kkl 1
1995 World Sieger VA1 Ulk von Arlett, SchH3, Kkl 1

1993 World Sieger VA1 Jeck vom Noricum, SchH3, FH, Kkl 1
1992 World Sieger VA1 Zamb von der Wienerau, SchH3, Kkl 1
1990 and 1991 2X World Sieger VA1 Fanto vom Hirschel, SchH3, Kkl 1
1986 and 1987 2X World Sieger VA1 Quando von Arminius, SchH3, IPO3, FH, BHP2, Kkl 1

Drake vom Fleischerhein Line-breeding - 5 generations:

  • 5,5 - 4 .......... in 1993 World Sieger VA1 Jeck vom Noricum, SchH3, FH, Kkl 1

Drake proved himself in his "W" Litter and "X" Litter of 10 pups and 9 pups respectively, his progeny are not only ultra supreme in quality, they are brilliant in mind, intelligence, trainability, genius babies!  with outstanding drives, willingness to learn, out-going personality with soundness, beauty and brains.  Fantastic puppies!

Out of Drake vom Fleischerhein and out of Enzo vom Spitzenhund,  I kept my Breeder Select Pick of the Litter Males and Females to carry on my great work for future generations:  from my "W" Litter, Wessi von Sonnenberg;  from my "X" Litter, 
Xzar von Sonnenberg;  from my "Y" Litter, Ylecia von Sonnenberg;  from my "Z" Litter,  Zeus von Sonnenberg;  from my
"Aa" Litter, Apollonia von Sonnenberg;  from my "Bb" Litter, Beowulf Maximus von Sonnenberg.

I kept Breeder Select males and females from my Von Sonnenberg Litters "W", "X", "Y", "Z", "Aa" and "Bb"  and "Cc" Litters to integrate in my future Von Sonnenberg Litters and breeding program:

I am at this very moment in the process of procuring a new stud dog to add to my bloodlines in my breeding program.
(This update is written 23 February 2017).  UPDATE:  21 March 2017:  Credo Canum Victoria is here!  I imported this magnificent Stud directly from the Czech Republic,  he arrived here on 21 March 2017.  View Credo's Page here in my website to learn more about this young man,  just turned 3 years old and is scheduled to be bred with Alexis von Nordstern Hof as well as Ylecia von Sonnenberg this year 2017.

Credo Canum Victoria is of most excellent breeding and rare Pedigree with outstanding Working Blood and descendant directly from world famous Pohranicni Straze blood with excellent temperament and character and magnificent structure,  conformation,  strength and beauty.  Very beautiful and handsome,  Dark Sable in colour,  Credo is amazing and possesses a commanding presence to everyone who meets him.  He is incredibly impressive and I am so honored to have this beautiful boy.

In early 2014 I purchased Enzo vom Spitzenhund, a beautiful solid jet Black Male, he is the son of the Top World Working and World Sieger V Conformation Titled Dog and Top World Famous Pohranicni Straze bloodlines,  West Germany and Czech Republic pedigree:

V Bomber vom Wolfsheim, SchH3, FH1, Kkl 1
Catty Mapet, SchH1  

our boy Enzo vom Spitzenhund brings dynamic and world-famous West German working bloodlines into my breeding program as well as Czech Republic world-famous Pohranicni Straze  bloodlines and re-introducing the solid Black and Black Sable coat colours. 

Bomber is world famous for producing top quality beautiful working dogs with ultra-supreme temperament and trainability.  It is a great honor to own one of his best Breeder Select sons.  

Bomber vom Wolfsheim was recently imported into the United States and is and handled by WDA-GSDCA "Working Dog Association" National Training Director, Russ Osburn, who is also current Executive Board Member of the WDA (Working Dog Association).

V Bomber vom Wolfsheim, SchH3, FH1, Kkl 1 Line-breeding - 5 generations:

4 - 5 .......... in V Uwe vom Kirschental, SchH3, (SG-BSP), FH, Kkl 1
4 - 5 .......... in V Harro aus der Lechrainstadt, SchH3 (V-BSP), FH, IPO3, Kkl 1
4 - 5 .......... in Trusa vom Busecker Schloss, SchH1, Kkl 2

    SG3 Catty Mapet, SchH1 Line-breeding - 5 generations:

    5 - 3 .......... VD 5KV1/P Grim z Pohranicni stráze, ZM, ZV3, IPO3, SChH3, ZPS1, FH1, ZV2, WUSV 1997 PLATZ
    5,5 - 4 .......  Omar z Blatenskeho zamku, ZM, ZVV3, IPO3, ZPO
    5 - 4 ..........  VELMI FORBRY Ura z Blatenskeho zamku, SchH1  

    This gives you some background on the work I have been doing these last 26 years as well as my plans for the future.
    I am at this very moment in the process of procuring a new Czech Republic import stud dog to add to my bloodlines in my breeding program.  Announcements will be made upon his arrival.
    (This update is written 23 February 2017).

    I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading my history and work as well as my goals for the future regarding 
    Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dogs.

    Karon Melillo DeVega
    Owner/Breeder:  Von Sonnenberg Kennels
    PO Box 7005
    Missoula, Montana USA





    Update written 26 March 2017

    I have imported a magnificent young stud dog directly from Czech Republic,  his name is Credo Canum Victoria.
    Here is a link to his Pedigree:

    Credo Canum Victoria was born in Czech Republic,  the Breeder's Name is Sarka Pilna,  and Credo lived all his life there in the Czech Republic until I purchased him on 06 March 2017,  and now lives with me in Montana. 

    Credo Canum Victoria is the son of:
    SIRE:  SG Falk Zde-Sko, IPO3, FH2, BH, IPO FH, MCR IPO 2013, MM CKNO 2011, M MSKS 2011, SG MCR IPO 2012
    DAM:  Furie z Pisnicky, ZVV1, 5CV1/P

    I am deeply honored and so grateful to be approved to be CREDO CANUM VICTORIA's new Owner.  
    Credo is a most beautiful and excellent stud dog with most perfect character and breeding.  
    Take a look at Credo's rare Pedigree,  he comes from excellent rare bloodlines,  outstanding military police dogs,  Czech Republic working dogs.  

    Karon Melillo DeVega
    Owner/Breeder:  Von Sonnenberg Kennels
    PO Box 7005
    Missoula, Montana USA