Breeder of High Class - Quality  
AKC Registered - OFA Certified
German Shepherd Dogs since 1992.


PRICES for Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog pups.

Prices of individual Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog pups is determined by a number of variables,
including the breeding pair (parents),  choice of litter, and purpose.


A standard $750USD non-refundable Deposit (applied toward your purchase price) is Required to Reserve a Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog puppy.


Reserve your position as a Buyer to Reserve your Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog puppy by placing your non-refundable deposit and specify in your payment the details of your Reservation.  

your secured Deposit payment is applied toward your purchase price of your Von Sonnenberg puppy.  
Your deposit assures you of your position as a Buyer and your selection of your puppy.  

When placing your Deposit,  please make note which Von Sonnenberg Litter you are Reserving a puppy from.  
Also,  please specify in your payment what sex/gender puppy you are Reserving,  and be sure to make note the
First Name (according to the Von Sonnenberg Litter letter) you are Reserving for your puppy's AKC Registered Name.

Reservations are made in the order they are received and according to the AKC Registration Status of the individual puppy being Reserved/Purchased;  
i.e., AKC Full Registration (Breed/Show Quality with Breeding Rights)
due to the German Shepherd Dog Standard of Perfection, and Breed/Show quality requirements
take precedent over AKC Limited Registration status (without Breeding Rights). 


PayPal payment is preferred.  We accept all Major Credit Cards, Cash, Cashiers Check or USPS Money Order.
(Regarding mailed payments, Reservations are made once your payment clears our Bank).

Mailed payments (Cashier's Check or USPS Money Order) should be addressed to:

Karon Melillo DeVega
Von Sonnenberg Kennels
P.O. BOX 7005
Missoula, MT 59807 - 7005

PayPal payments should be made to Karon Melillo DeVega
(Verified PayPal Pro Premium Account)

Send your secured PayPal payment to:  Karon Melillo DeVega - PayPal Verified Email address: 


It is highly recommended that Buyer(s) place their Deposit payment & secure their Reservation early to ensure their position as a Buyer and their selection from the specified Von Sonnenberg litter.  

Deposits are non-refundable due to the elimination of other Buyer's opportunity to Reserve a Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog puppy.
However,  should a Buyer place a Deposit/Reservation and change their mind later due to personal circumstances, about a current litter they have a Deposit and Reservation on,  their Deposit shall be applied toward a future Von Sonnenberg litter as soon as the next litter is available.

Buyer(s) shall pay in full the balance owed/due prior to their scheduled appointment to take possession of their Von Sonnenberg puppy.

BEFORE taking possession of a Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog Puppy:   Full Payment shall be received from Buyer to Von Sonnenberg Kennels Owner/Breeder Karon Melillo DeVega at least 7 days prior to pick-up or delivery or shipment.


PayPal payment is preferred.
To RESERVE your Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog puppy,
Please send your secure PayPal Deposit/Reservation/payment to: 
Von Sonnenberg Kennels Owner/Breeder:  

Karon Melillo DeVega
PayPal Pro Verified Premium Account

Please be sure to INCLUDE and write in your PayPal Payment Description for our Breeder records: 
Your Reserved Puppy's Reserved Full Name;  Von Sonnenberg Litter born in;  Date of Birth;  and 
AKC Registration Status you are purchasing for your puppy.

Your Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog Puppy Reservation is recorded in our Breeder Records and published on the date when your Deposit/Payment is received via PayPal  -or- when your Cashier's Check or USPS Money Order is received and has cleared through our Bank.
PayPal provides via Email receipt for your payment(s).  Original Von Sonnenberg issued written Payment Receipts are provided from Seller in person to Buyer contained within Buyer's Von Sonnenberg Starter Kit and Documents Files Folder upon scheduled appointment Delivery when Seller makes Delivery and Buyer takes possession of Von Sonnenberg puppy -or- Mailed to Buyer via USPS Certified Mail to Buyer when Reserved Puppy is shipped via Airline.

Buyer's Full Payment and GRAND TOTAL (including any shipping fees) agreed upon Purchase Price (including, if any, additional costs of Shipping/Delivery/Airline Shipment Fees, if applicable)  shall be paid in full at least 7 days prior to scheduled appointment date of personal pickup/Airline shipment/delivery to allow time for processing. 

All Buyers must make arrangements in advance with Von Sonnenberg Kennels and personally with Karon Melillo DeVega to schedule appointments and accommodate their scheduled appointment/pick-up/delivery/Airline shipment date.  We are always willing to strive to accommodate your schedule according to our puppy's schedule and most excellent delivery dates.  Thank you.


Reserving Your Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog Puppy's FIRST Name:

Every Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog Litter is assigned and designated by order of birth a letter of the alphabet in the order the litters are born.

Every Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog puppy shall be named with their FIRST NAME starting with the letter according to the "Litter Letter" they were born in.  

Every Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog puppy shall be AKC Registered with the surname "von Sonnenberg".

Buyers may choose their puppy's First Name ... and ... opt to give their puppy a "middle name";  
(for example only: Achilles Maximus von Sonnenberg).

First Names are Reserved in the order they are received on a "first come-first served" basis.  

Buyers are strongly encouraged to Reserve their puppy's First Name as soon as possible.  

There can be only one puppy in a Von Sonnenberg Litter with a specific designated/assigned and AKC Registered Name,  this is why it is so important that Buyers Reserve the First Name they wish to name their puppy.