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Update:  04 December 2018 at 5AM

Credo and Alexis are expecting babies!

I am super excited to announce that

Credo Canum Victoria, ZVV1 and Alexis von Nordstern Hof have bred
and are expecting their Von Sonnenberg "Ff" Litter due to be born 05 February 2019!!

Update 03 December 2018

Hello everyone,  I have created this new page wherein I will share with you updates,  photographs (both my own and those shared with me by Buyers who have granted me permission to share their pictures of their Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dogs and puppies.  I am very excited about this,  because I have so many photos to share with you,  that if I try to insert those pictures into previously built pages,  the pages themselves become so large taking much longer to load.  So this will be fun,  and here is my first update in this page:

The Courtship of Credo and Alexis - 03 December 2018

This is a collection of photographs I took today of Credo and Alexis,  Alexis is presently in heat,  and she is "flagging" now.
Alexis and Credo are in the courting phase of breeding for their Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dogs "Ff" Litter. 

They are very much in love,  and to witness them enjoying so much pleasure, playfulness and joy preparing for breeding (when she is ready,  she will accept him,  which will be anytime now!),  makes me very happy. 

Once they have "tied",  I will update my "Ff" Litter Page to announce the "Ff" Litter Due Date.















aren't they adorable!!

If you would like to view my photos larger,  I have created an account in SmugMug where I have shared my own pictures.
Here is a link: